Hello there!

A few gentle nudges by friends and some queries from well-wishers inquiring about my absence have brought me back here to the blog after a brief hiatus. To answer the most pertinent question–yes, I have been writing in the interim.

The majority of my time and effort has been devoted to reading, working on the craft of writing and immersing myself in the world of poetry. It has been an affirming educational experience so far and I feel fortunate to have had the chance to learn from some gifted teachers and fellow writers/ poets. I feel indebted to these generous folks that share the abundance of their knowledge and experience.

There is some poetry and a few personal essays that I have worked on recently but would like to put them aside for a bit and return to them later on and revise/ rework them as needed.

Concurrently, this has also been a time of some deep introspection–of coming to terms with acknowledging, accepting and working towards one’s passion, desires and compulsions; of recognizing the realities of one’s inner landscape; of letting go of illusions of control and expectation; and of respecting the present moment.

All of the above happens in the midst of my everyday life which like any other person’s has its ebbs and flows of work and leisure. That and my propensity for reticence caused blogging to fall to the wayside for a while. Whilst I am not the most current at this blog presently, I have been tweeting regularly at @PreetiSParikh

I hope to be able to post here much more frequently in the future.
See you all around!


***For those with similar interests, I would like to share some of the resources that I have been utilizing–

To rhyme or not to rhyme


Here are two versions of a piece that I wrote recently.
The first one is closer to my immediate thought process- direct and succinct. With the second one, I tried to embellish a little, attempted to rhyme and added a hint of structure.
Here it goes:

Traipsing back
to the point of origin-
the frame of reference…
Regroup, commune,
find stillness,
pay obeisance, if you will !

Cast as a pendulum’s arc
hankering after a utopian freedom-
a refusal to accede…
Then- a circuitous path back to
here- where my world convenes,
in worship, reticent at your feet.

Traipsing back to it, all over, yet again
the frame of reference, the point of origin.
Arrive! Regroup, commune, be still
Gather wits, pay obeisance, if you will.

Cast as the arc of a swinging pendulum
hankering after a utopian freedom.
Struck by wanderlust, a refusal to accede
Thus anew, another journey does proceed.

Circling back to where my world doth convene
coming together, in worship, penitent and serene.
Behold! Here lies, reticent at your feet
My nomadic spirit- triumphant in defeat.

Given that I have no formal training in prose or poetry, this is my amateur attempt at something which is out of my comfort zone. I found that I quite enjoyed the process.
Although, I do wonder as to which version conveys the message best.
Any thoughts?

*Image courtesy of  TempusVolat  CC BY-NC-SA 2.0