Some thoughts on life/ tweets from some time back….


*Image courtesy of victor_nuno . Some rights reserved .

That’s life and it’s Ok


Hardened and deeply cynical,
you will resolve
to not bring hope into this world.
You will state it as such,
thinking naively that it is now
‘the truth’.
You will then justify it thinking-
That’s life and it’s ok.

And yet you will yield
to the inevitable that is life
and bring forth your personal expression
of hope, of belief and trust;
you will nurture and tend to it
with a salve
that your soul would have wished for
eons ago.
It will wring your heart and then fill it
deeply so
and you will cede then-
That’s life and it IS ok.

*Image courtesy of Life is elsewhere by Gisela Giardino. Some rights reserved