Love inspired


What is Love?
– that is a recurring philosophical question that I grapple with.

Feeling inspired by some great love poems (Unending Love by Rabindranath Tagore is one that I revere) and seeking an answer to this, I attempted to write an account of  love. Out came these crazy lines that speak of abiding love. They emerged in the vein of my forever questioning mindset, that is inclined to probe, wonder and ultimately marvel at it all.
So here goes:

Eternal Love’

How would the you
that you are now
relate to the you
that was the you
that loved the me
that was the me
that honored you
when you were that you?
How would the me
that I am now
reconcile with the me
that becomes the me
that desires the you
that will become the you
who would covet that me too?

What do we make of this world
that exists within
between and
outside of us?
Who is you
who is me
what is us
ours and
Where does I end
and where does you begin?

How do I know
that what I know
is knowledge to you too?
What is this fervor
that seems like worship
akin to a silent prayer?
Is this borne of meeting
or cleaving?
What was just now new
seems remembered
and eternal…

*Image courtesy of “I love a sunburnt country…” by Sunday’s child ( CC BY 2.0 )

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