Little girl,
I brought you into my consciousness
and here into this tangible world.
a whole new self
thinking, believing, exploring…
What is it that I owe to you?

‘Now and henceforth –
A resolve to joyfully
tend to you, your needs,
your thoughts and your dreams.
An honest effort to awaken our minds- yours and mine
to the enormousness of life, the loftiness of ideals,
the sanctity of truth and the pursuit of self-realization.
A pledge to f
ind inside of myself
a love
that lets you go unfettered
on the path you choose.’

This is all that I hope I owe you
little girl, my daughter –
a person, her own being.

 *This is something I wrote a while back and I often find myself revisiting and reworking this as the years pass.
*Image courtesy of  flyzipper ( Some rights reserved )

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