Lost and Found


Have you ever felt lost,
well and truly lost…………from yourself?
Lost in a way that
the sudden reappearance of a buried memory jolts you awake
from the stupor of ‘busy living’ that you have been in for a long time.
Lost in a way that
you have let ‘dealing with life’s challenges’ chip away incessantly at your being.
Lost in a way that
you can no longer identify with all that held so much value for you before.
Lost in a way that
you feel an impostor in your own skin.

What happened next?
Did you strive tirelessly to find your lost self –
as if it were your life’s mission to do so?
Did you visit and revisit
the things, people and places you once loved?
Did you call upon nostalgia –
every lodestar, every lighthouse that has ever been a part of your life?
Did you search haplessly for that
which seems lost, yet you cannot quite pinpoint what it is?
Did it seem endless until it finally dawned upon you
that all you really needed to do was
tap into and trust that internal compass within you –
the one that knows who you are, what you want and where you are headed?
Did the struggle ease when you accepted
that life around you has answers, if you know to ask and are willing to listen?
Were you at peace when you ceded that
meaning and joy exist right here in this moment – the present?

What did you lose and what did you find?
What’s your story?

*Image courtesy of Brent Danley  CC BY-NC-SA-2.0

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